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Fire resistance produtcs


CSI certifies the fire resistance of many construction support and compartmentalization systems of premises subject to fire prevention regulations.

CSI is a laboratory authorised by the Italian Ministry of the Interior, according to Ministerial Decree 16.2.2007. It is also the only Accredia accredited laboratory in Italy (Accredia is the sole Italian National Accreditation Body), for the certification of fire resistance of separating and non-separating structural support elements, being either horizontal (floors) or vertical (walls), in the context of civil and industrial buildings.

CSI has performed tests and certified the fire resistance of supporting floors since its inception. In 1988, CSI was the first laboratory in Italy to perform tests and to issue certificates of vertical load-bearing systems and to get permission to operate within the framework of the experimental verification of fire resistance on the basis of Italian Ministry of the Interior Decree of the February 16, 2007 in accordance with the new European standards.

CSI proudly has nearly thirty years experience in the verification testing of fire resistance, in particular for floors of all different types (mixed steel and concrete, predalle, floors lightweight floors, wooden floors) and for special vertical load-bearing elements (wooden walls, mixed wood and plate walls, reinforced concrete modular element walls).

In detail, CSI offers a testing and certification service for the following systems:

• Masonry walls, block walls or prefabricated (UNI EN 1365-1: 2012);
• Floors (UNI EN 1365-2:2002);
• Beams (UNI EN 1365-3:2002);
• Balconies and walkways (UNI EN 1365-5:2005);
• Stairs (UNI EN 1365-6:2005).

To characterize the fire resistance of all these systems, CSI is also an accredited body in accordance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025.

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