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Fire resistance produtcs

Non loadbearing structures


CSI has operated for more than twenty years in the context of the qualification of fire resistance of most systems of subdivision, which constitute the passive systems of fire resistance required by current fire regulations.

Over the course of the last twenty years, CSI has acquired an almost unique level of experience at the national level for some of the most common non-supporting fire systems such as; block walls, lightweight walls (slabs of gypsum or silicate), prefabricated walls, and ceilings.

CSI is a laboratory authorised by the Italian Ministry of the Interior, according to Ministerial Decree 16.2.2007. It is also an Accredia accredited laboratory (Accredia is the sole Italian National Accreditation Body) for the certification of fire resistance of structural non-support elements, being either vertical or horizontal, in the context of civil and industrial buildings.

Walls made from blocks, both brick and concrete (normal or lightened), in order to be able to be declared fire-resistant, should be subjected to testing in accordance with European standard (UNI EN 1364-1: 2002), as for all non- loadbearing divisions. Examples include, double skin metal faced insulating panels (so-called sandwich panels), lightweight panel walls and also coated systems.

Membrane suspended ceilings, equipped with intrinsic fire resistance, are horizontal division systems that are able by themselves to offer a service of fire resistance regardless of the support system that lies above them. The reference standard, UNI EN 1364-2, in fact allows you to try these systems without the aid of a support element (typically a floor) to which in reality they are fixed. This mode allows therefore, to take advantage of the classification of fire resistance of membrane suspended ceilings and apply it to a wide spectrum of cases, because they are not influenced by the performance of the floor that supports them.

To characterize the fire resistance of all these systems, CSI is also an accredited body in accordance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025.

In detail, CSI offers a testing and certification service for the following systems:

• Masonry walls, block walls, prefabricated and lightweight walls (UNI EN 1364-1: 2002);
• False Ceilings (UNI EN 1364-2:2002);
• Continuous facades in partial or complete configuration (UNI EN 1364-3: 2014 e UNI EN 1364-4: 2014);
• Elevator Floor Doors (UNI EN 81-58: 2001).

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