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Fire resistance services


The MED Directive covers all equipment and materials that are intended for use on board seagoing ships for civil use (non-military).

CSI is notified body by the Italian Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for the activities of testing, certification and inspection, including for those construction systems that need to provide evidence of the requirement of fire resistance.

The technical rules applicable to maritime products are very complex as they take into account three standardisation bodies: the SOLAS convention , International Maritime Organization resolutions (IMO), and the European EN standards.

Because Directive 96/98/EC also includes the initial type testing standards for individual products, and the technical regulations are constantly changing, to date there have been three updates issued and the current reference Directive for the technical rules is 2002/75/EC.

In detail, CSI provides the service of testing and certification for the following systems:

• Divisors of class "A" and "B" and "F"
• Fire Doors
• Fire Dampers
• Windows
• False ceilings

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