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Reaction to fire

Materials of furniture

In Italy, to sell in the areas of public entertainment, hotels, public offices, hospitals, airports, fairs, retirement homes, shopping centers is mandatory that the decoration materials are approved to the decrees of the Ministry of Interior concerning the classification of reaction fire.

CSI is a laboratory authorized by the Ministry of Interior for the tests of reaction to fire and it can offer a global service to its customers by following them from preparing the documentation required for ministerial and sampling tests of reaction to fire, to the presentation of procedural applications at the Ministry of Interior for obtaining homologation and supporting them for all the clarifications and additions that the Ministry may ask for. All this at no extra cost.

CSI is authorized by the Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation of the State of California to issue certification to the Technical Bulletin relating to the fireproofing of upholstered furniture, required for home use; It is also recognized and equipped to perform tests according to the rules, regulations or the laws of other countries, including the DIN 4102-1; NFPA 260; NF P 92--507, British Standard and the European standard EN 13501-1.




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