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Fire resistance produtcs

Fire Stopping and Fire sealing Products

The Ministerial Decree of February 16, 2007 lays down the requirement to qualify the performance of fire resistance of all those systems or building components that are within the scope of the fire subdivision systems, either interrupting the continuity of the system, or by providing a further contribution to its fire resistance.

These systems comprise of amongst others: the dampers (subject to CE marking in accordance with UNI EN 14509:2010), sealing systems, both linear and penetration, and raised flooring.

Fire dampers are, since 2012, systems for sectioning of ventilation ducts, which are subject of CE marking on the basis of the Construction Products Regulation (n. 305/2011 (CPR).

The linear joint seals, made with products based on foam, polyurethane, silicone or acrylic are necessarily subject to obligatory testing verification, on the basis of the Italian legislation that defines the mode, with reference to the rules of evidence and European classification.

In the same way, gaps and openings sealing systems in connection with the required fire stop, manufactured with systems of various kinds: such as mineral wool, or combinations of different layers of materials, or collars (in the case of the passage of pipes), or thermo-expanding, must be tested for resistance to fire, both in vertical and horizontal configurations, in order to obtain the necessary authorisation to trade, within the limits provided for in the test and classification rules of  (UNI EN 13501-2:2009).

For the testing of all these types of fire stop systems CSI is an accredited institution in accordance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025.

CSI has many years of experience in the testing and certification of these products. In detail, CSI offers testing and certification services for the following systems:

• Fire Dampers (UNI EN 1366-2:2001);
• Crossings Seal (UNI EN 1366-3:2009);
• Linear Joints (UNI EN 1366-4:2010);
• Pipes and walkways (UNI EN 1366-5:2010);
• Raised floors (UNI EN 1366-6:2005);
• Safety cabinets (UNI EN 14470-1: 2005).


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