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An ETA (European Technical Assessment) 
consists of a assessment by an authorized body for the commercialization of a product in the European Community.

An ETA is a documented assessment of the performance of a construction product based on European Technical Approval Guideline (ETAG).

An ETA is not a "certification", but a "specification"; it is substantially equivalent to an approval according to a harmonized EN standard and applies individually.

The Regulation defines: "An ETA is a favourable technical assessment of suitability of a product for an intended use, based on the fulfilment of the RE of works in which the product is used".

An ETA can be issued to products for which:

• There is no harmonized EN;

• There is no recognized national standard
• There is no mandate for an EN
• Deviate significantly from the purpose of a harmonized standard EN or a recognized national standard
• By EC derogation, although there is a mandate for an EN

An ETA is based on the satisfaction on the part of a construction product of a series of essential requirements:

• Mechanical resistance and stability
• Safety in case of fire
• Hygiene, health and environment
• Safety use
• Protection against noise
• Energy saving and heat retention

CSI is notified body for activities relating to the verification of the performance of protective systems to structural elements, according to the guideline ETAG 018.



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