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Fire resistance produtcs


Fire closures are one of the primary areas where CSI has operated for more than 20 years, even longer when working with Italian Ministerial Decree 12.14.1993 which sanctioned the beginning of approval of fire door certification in accordance with UNI 9723.

Today CSI works in the field of certification of fire resistance for a broad spectrum of closures; doors, windows, sliding doors, elevator floor doors, in accordance with both Italian standards and European standard UNI EN 1634-1: 2014.

UNI EN 1634-1: 2014, in its first version in 2001, entered into force with Italian Ministerial Decree of 21 June 2004, alongside - as the mode for the verification of fire resistance performance - Italian National Standard UNI 9723, that is currently still in force. Both standards allow certification of the fire resistance of closures in accordance with fire-resistance requirements and successively to obtain the obligatory approval of the Italian Ministry of the Interior. The difference between the national standard and the European standard lies in the fact that certificates issued in accordance with the Italian National Standard UNI 9723 may not be used for future CE marking of fire doors as per EN 16034: 2014.

The new smoke control doors (or smoke seal) certification service in accordance with UNI EN 1634-3: 2005, completes the range of activities that CSI undertakes in the area of doors and closures having resistance to fire and smoke control requirements, with the aim of offering a complete service within the framework of future CE marking of fire doors.

Since 2006, lift-landing doors are no longer subject to ministerial approval. However, since then CSI is the only Laboratory to offer an accredited testing and certification service in accordance UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025, on the basis of European standard UNI EN 81-58: 2001.

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