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Fire resistance services


CSI’s Fire Resistance Laboratory certifies the fire resistance of many construction systems, load-bearing and non, of subdivision and also those without the partition function, of the premises subject to fire prevention regulations.

CSI’s laboratory is authorized by the Italian Ministry of the Interior, in accordance with Ministerial Decree 2.16.2007. The  laboratory is also accredited (uniquely in Italy in many cases) by the Italian National Accreditation Institution Accredia, for the certification of structural element fire resistance, both separating and non-separating, both horizontal (floors) and vertical (walls), in the context of civil and industrial building.

CSI has performed tests and certified fire resistance according to the national regulations since 1988. It was the first laboratory in Italy to perform tests and to issue certifications in accordance with the new European standards in the context of verification testing of fire resistance on the basis of the Decree of the Italian Ministry of the Interior of February 16, 2007.

CSI has thirty years experience in the verification testing of fire resistance, in particular for the most common systems dividers (block walls, lightweight walls); or floors of various types (mixed steel and concrete, predalle, lightweight floors, wooden floors); and for special vertical load-bearing elements (wooden walls and mixed-wood panels, walls in modular elements in reinforced concrete). In addition to these standard services, CSI provides qualification services, the only body in Italy for special systems (protective for structural elements in accordance with the standards of series EN 13381), for services supply plant such as: fire dampers, balconies, walkways or continuous facades.

In detail, CSI offers testing and certification services for the following systems:

 Fire Doors (UNI EN 1634-1: 2014)
• Accessories for window and door frames (UNI EN 1634-2: 2009)
• Smoke Control Doors (UNI EN 1634-3: 2005)
• Masonry, block or prefabricated walls (UNI EN 1365-1: 2012)
• Floors (UNI EN 1365-2:2002)
• Beams (UNI EN 1365-3:2002)
• Balconies and Walkways (UNI EN 1365-5:2005)
• Stairs (UNI EN 1365-6:2005)
• Masonry, block or prefabricated walls and lightweight walls (UNI EN 1364-1: 2002)
• False Ceilings (UNI EN 1364-2:2002)
• Continuous facades in partial or complete configuration (UNI EN 1364-3: 2014 e UNI EN 1364-4: 2014)
• Elevator Floor Doors (UNI EN 81-58: 2001)
• Protective membranes (UNI EN 13381-1:2014)
• Protective systems, passive and reactive, for reinforced concrete structures (UNI EN 13381-3:2002)
• Passive systems for the protection of steel structural elements (UNI EN 13381-4: 2013)
• Reactive Systems (intumescent paints) for the protection of steel structural elements (UNI EN 13381-8: 2013)
• Fire Dampers (UNI EN 1366-2:2001)
• Penetration seals (UNI EN 1366-3:2009)
• Linear Joints (UNI EN 1366-4:2010)
• Pipes and walkways (UNI EN 1366-5:2010)
• Raised Floors (UNI EN 1366-6:2005)
• Safety Cabinets (UNI EN 14470-1: 2005)


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