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Fire resistance services

CE Mark

CSI laboratory is a notified body by the Italian Ministry of Interior, according to Regulation (EU) No 305/2011, better known as the Construction Products Regulation, for the activities of testing, certification and inspection, including those products that may require resistance to fire.

When a product is subject to CE marking, it does not necessarily have to demonstrate that it is resistant to fire. But, when this requirement is foundational or fundamental, which it is for some products. Then the system of attestation of conformity 1 imposes, in addition to the initial type tests,  evidence of constant maintenance of production quality, which CSI, as a notified body, takes on the responsibility through yearly inspection visits.

In detail, CSI offers a testing and CE marking service for the following systems and products:

• Natural dampers of smoke and heat (UNI EN 12101-2: 2004)
• Fire Dampers (UNI EN 15650: 2010)
• Hinges (UNI EN 1935: 2004)
• Lever handles or push plates for exits on escape routes (UNI EN 179: 2008)
• Locks (UNI EN 12209: 2005)
• Panic Devices (UNI EN 1125: 2008)
• Electromechanical Locks (UNI EN 14846: 2008)
• Ceilings (UNI EN 13964: 2004)
• Monolithic insulated panels (UNI EN 14509: 2013)


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