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Reaction to fire


In buildings, railway, maritime, and aeronautical areas CSI certification the Reaction to Fire and toxicity / smoke opacity with all test methods required cables regardless of the scope of use.

Reaction to fire cables tests are conducted to assess the ability of the cable to continue to function properly during the fire that involves it.

Aim of the test of toxicity of the fumes is to verify that the combustion gases released from the cable have a sufficiently low toxicity versus the people in order to allow the evacuation from the environment without relevant physiological damages.

The test of smoke opacity has, instead, the aim of verifying that the fumes of combustion released by the cable permit to maintain a good visibility in the environment in which the cable bundle is installed for a period of time sufficient for evacuation of the same environment.

CSI also provides global support following the customers from the preparation of documentation and samples for testing until the release of the reports of test, at no extra cost.



Toxicity and smoke density - Testing

Fire propagation tests  IEC/EN 60332-3-22, 23 e 24; CEI 20-22/2; EN 50399

Smoke density test IEC/EN 61034-2

Components toxicity and corrosivity tests IEC 60754-1 e 2, EN 50267-1 e 2, CEI 20-36/4-0

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